Member Highlight: Baltimore Tree Trust

This week we are pleased to highlight Baltimore Tree Trust - an urban forestry group located in one of the most metropolitan parts of Maryland. We spoke to Sheila McMenamin, director of programs at Baltimore Tree Trust, to learn more about what their goals are and how they intend to make Baltimore a greener city. 

Tell us about your organization and your mission:

The Baltimore Tree Trust (BTT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to make Baltimore a greener and healthier place to live. Our mission is to restore Baltimore’s urban forest through increased tree planting, community engagement, and advocacy. Since our inception, BTT has planted over 4,000 trees on private property and in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City.

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Tree Trust

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Tree Trust

The Tree Trust spearheads efforts to achieve Baltimore’s 40 percent urban tree canopy goal by methodically planting up neighborhoods that have few existing trees, while engaging community leaders and stakeholders in the planting and sustainable maintenance of trees.

What is one of your current projects you are the most excited about?

We are really excited to be kicking off our pilot workforce development program in the fall of 2018, called the Urban Roots Apprenticeship. This full-time, 6-week program will focus on developing our city’s green workforce--individuals who plant and maintain Baltimore’s tree canopy. The tree care industry is a growing workforce, and there are ample companies looking for skilled workers. We are excited to train individuals in a way that properly prepares them for a career in this industry.

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Tree Trust

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Tree Trust

What issue area do you hope to focus on more of in the future?

We are interested in getting more involved with local policy and urban planning, and seeing where we can be stronger advocates for tree planting and maintenance. If we can incorporate tree planting into early-stage planning for urban development projects, we can ensure that all neighborhoods have access to the countless benefits of a tree canopy.

What do you hope to gain from being a member of the Coalition?

We are eager to be involved with a network of organizations and individuals who are passionate about our environment, but more so, how to bring that passion to all. There are so many potential ways in which we can intersect and support each other’s work, and we are excited to see what those possibilities are.

Mary Katherine Sullivan is an intern at Choose Clean Water.