Our Mission

To serve as a united and powerful advocate for restoring the rivers and streams that flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

Since 2010 the Choose Clean Water Coalition has been harnessing the collective power of more than 240 groups to advocate for clean rivers and streams in all communities in the Chesapeake Bay region. By coordinating policy, messaging, action, and accountability, the Coalition is able to speak louder with one voice toward our collective goal - clean water.

Our Plan

In 2018, after months of input from Coalition members and Chesapeake Bay stakeholders, the Coalition announced a new five-year strategic plan. This plan positions the Coalition to provide the tools our conservation community needs to be successful. We will continue to harmonize our response around federal issues while also expanding our role to gain ground at the state and local level. This plan lays out our approach to creating a unified and inclusive movement that will ensure clean water is returned to our rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. View the full plan here.

Our Priorities

One of the core part of the Coalition's work is to coordinate our members on a variety of policy priorities that are impacting the Chesapeake Bay watershed through specific workgroups. These priorities include: